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New Technology

Panatec is a novel, non antibiotic, platform technology developed in cooperation with the National University of Ireland [..]

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We offer Veterinarians in practice, practical on farm demonstrations on how to approach Herd Health [..]

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Mayo Healthcare are specialists in minerals and controlled release trace elements for large animals [..]



Panatec is a breakthrough feed additive technology for ruminants and a first of kind compound feed technology to increase rumen energy by means of improved feed conversion and to reduce the risk of acidosis.

The technology is a result of a collaboration between Mayo Healthcare and the National University of Ireland. This feed additive has been strongly supported by the Horizon 2020 scientific fund, allowing Mayo Healthcare to conduct large scale clinical trials and validate it’s benefit in the USA, Europe and the UK.


Microencapsulation of the actives has allowed feed mills to include this additive in ration and blends for dairy cows, finishing cattle and growing calf diets.


Mayo Healthcare Product
Panatec Rumen Proof Parlour 6kg

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