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New Technology

Panatec is a novel, non antibiotic, platform technology developed in cooperation with the National University of Ireland [..]

Vet Services

We offer Veterinarians in practice, practical on farm demonstrations on how to approach Herd Health [..]

Our Products 

Mayo Healthcare are specialists in minerals and controlled release trace elements for large animals [..]

Mayo Healthcare is an Irish based Animal Nutrition and Healthcare company. We promote an innovative product range, primarily focused on the nutritional and healthcare requirements of large farm animals. Established in 1987, we work with national and international agriculture universities and manufacture novel health solutions, which are all manufactured inhouse for the evolving requirements of the nutritional needs of the modern farm animal.

We employ our own Veterinarians, working on farm, to lead management programs, such as:

  • Dry Cow Management; for the control of mineral and trace element requirements,  energy balance, and blood calcium optimization in the close up and transition periods.

  • Calf Health Management  programmes (first 21 days of life).

  • Fertility Management Programs for controlling energy balance, trace element requirements.

  • Ruminal Acidosis analysis in early lactation as well as mastitis and somatic cell count control programmes in dairy herds.

Our manufacturing operations are licensed by the Irish Department of Agriculture and accredited by GMP+.

The company’s technology focus has been primarily based on slow / sustained release nutrient boluses and a novel feed technology to improve rumen health (Panatec). 

We are in addition evaluating emerging technologies to control enteric methane capture and novel non-antibiotic antimicrobials.

Our operations are driven by a determination to reduce metabolic disease in late pregnancy and transition periods, as well as mortality and morbidity in their offspring.

Please contact us to request further information on company products or specific farm nutrition and health related problems.

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About Us


“I would expect that my antibiotic usage for mastitis and high cell count cows will drop by 90% this year by using the Maycillin bolus,’’ 

Brian Meade, Navan

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“The cows have more shine since we used the product, even after a rough week of rain and poor weather,’’

Peter Ging, Portlaoise

President of IHFA

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“Since we started feeding it this year milk yield has again increased and solids are holding as good as last year,”

Shane Smalle, Limerick

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