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R & D

Providing Best Solutions

New Technology

Panatec is a novel, non antibiotic, platform technology developed in cooperation with the National University of Ireland [..]

Vet Services

We offer Veterinarians in practice, practical on farm demonstrations on how to approach Herd Health [..]

Our Products 

Mayo Healthcare are specialists in minerals and controlled release trace elements for large animals [..]

Research and Development

Mayo Healthcare is a family owned enterprise based in the West of Ireland. We manufacture a wide range of Dairy cow additives and supplements and export to over 18 countries.

We collaborate for new product development, here in Ireland, with the National University of Ireland and Teagasc and abroad with Harper Adams (Wales), UC Davis (California) and the University of Wageningen (Netherlands), as well as currently providing an extensive range of solutions for disease in Dairy cows. We also have an exciting and innovative pipeline of new technologies to introduce to our growing customer base in the future.


The main objective in our operations is to reduce metabolic disease in cows at calving time and reduce mortality and morbidity in their offspring. In addition, we are at the forefront of developing and commercialising new technologies that will contribute to the reduction of use of antibiotics on farm, including antibiotic resistant pathogens as well as developing new additives to reduce and capture methane gases from enteric fermentation.

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