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Specialists in Minerals and Controlled Release Trace Elements for Large Animals [...]

New Technology

Panatec is a novel, non antibiotic, platform technology developed in cooperation with the National University of Ireland. Mayo Healthcare have developed this new technology as a first generation feed supplement with a wide variety of beneficial uses in food producing animals [...]

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We offer Veterinarians in practice, practical on farm demonstrations on how to approach Herd Health through understanding the nutritional requirments for Ruminants at specific growth stages aswell as rumen maintenace requirments [...]

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New Technology
Panatec is a novel, non antibiotic, platform technology developed in cooperation with the National University of Ireland [...]
Vet Services
We offer Veterinarians in practice, practical on farm demonstrations on how to approach Herd Health [...]
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Mayo Healthcare are specialists in minerals and controlled release trace elements for large animals [...]

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Rumen Proof 20kg TMR

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Rumen Proof Parlour 6kg

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Rumen Proof 20kg TMR

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Rumen Proof Agri Land Article

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Rumen Proof Agri Land Article

Tipperary dairy farmer lifts butterfat and boosts profits with new feed additive March 27, 2019

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Rumen Proof Agri Land Article

Dairy farmer sees Panatec additive as ‘big influence’ on his cows’ well-being March 27, 2019

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160 high-yielding Holstein cows. Began feeding Rumen Proof in spring 2016.

“We began feeding Rumen Proof primarily to counter a major looseness in cows dung on early grass as well as maintaining a lameness-free problem and ended up feeding it for the whole lactation. What we noticed while feeding it, besides the quality of the dung, was a good shine on cows’ coats as well as better fertility and an increase in milk yield”

Kevin and Michael Gunne

Strokestown, Co. Roscommon

Glanbia Milk Supplier, 170+ Milking Herd

“Last spring we introduced Panatec Rumen Proof to support the herds transition at pre and post calving. The cows body condition improved and heats were stronger. As a result fertility was compact. We will be using it again this spring.”

John & Kevin Walsh

Dungarvan, Co. Waterford

90 cows milking all year round. Average yield 6000L, average protein 3.45 and average fat 4.05.

“No loose cows in parlour all year. Less lameness and milk fat always peaked at 3.9. Now they are on Rumen Proof it’s up to 4.05 and holding. Also, we have 89 cows calving in 8 weeks.”

Anthony Slattery

Ballyporeen, Co. Tipperary

250 cows, Autumn and Spring Calving. Using Product for 2 years and now going into Year 3.

“Cows increased yield by 1 – 1.5 Litres of milk, cows dung thickened within a few days. No bad smell of dung in the shed. Huge improvement in lameness, reduced feet problems. Very strong heats in cows, repeats dropped by 50%. Calving spread was significantly compacted as a result. Saw an increase in milk solids. 30% better grass and feed intake while using Rumen Proof.”

Keith O’Boyle

Hollymount, Co. Mayo

50 Cows, Spring Calving. Using Product all year round for 2 years and now going into Year 3.

“Increased milk yield up to 1-1.5 Litres more. Better intake by cows, achieving better cleanouts in paddocks. No issue with Ketosis or cows in poor condition and a noticeable shine on milking cows. Could see an immediate difference in cows when taken off Rumen Proof as milk yield would drop immediately. Fertility on the farm was better than any other year with exceptional conception rates, 49 out of the 50 cows in calf. Also feeding to over 30 beef cattle in order to increase daily liveweight gain.”

John McHugh

Straide, Co. Mayo

85 cows milking all year round. 65% spring 35% autumn. Average yield 8990 litres at 612kgs fat and protein combined.

“Use rumen proof in winter diet and at times of most stress (breeding season and 6 weeks after turnout in spring) as it eases cows from dry period to full lactation. Cows hit full milk quicker. 90% reduction in post calving metabolic disorders such as ketosis and acidosis. Especially effective at turnout as it prevents the stomach upsets caused by early spring grass and maintains body condition score.“

Joe and Michael Connell

Ballyboughill, Dublin

Dairy Farmer with 110+ cows.

“I started using Panatec Rumen Proof in the spring of 2017. I am extremely impressed with the herds energy, body condition and also with the support & information I got from Mayo Healthcare.”

Derek Clarke

Loughrea, Co. Galway

170 cows. Average yield 7800L, average protein 3.36 and average fat 3.75

“Fat for summer 3.4 before Rumen Proof and now holding at 3.6 for summer. In 2016 we had 25 empty cows and last year after using Rumen Proof we had only 9 empty. Cows are healthier with a shine, have stronger heats and dung is consistent with no looseness.”

Ned Frost

Adare, Co. Limerick

Dairy and Beef farmer

“In 2016 I started using Rumen Proof on the dairy cows and beef cattle. Within a few days of using Rumen Proof, the dung started to firm up and was consistent. I saw an increase in intake with both the beef cattle and dairy cows. Milk yield is up more than a litre per cow. I have had no problems with acidosis since using Rumen Proof. We were impressed with the results and the performance of the cows and beef. There is definitely a healthier shine on the cows and beef cattle. Fertility and lameness has not been a problem since using Rumen Proof.”

Pat McSherry

Whitecross, County Armagh

200 Dairy Cows

“Within 3 weeks of using rumen proof lameness and hoof ulcers dramatically reduced. We had a serious problem with Mastitis and again, within a 3 weeks period we ended up having zero cases of mastitis. The appetite is up and we have much improved feed intakes. There is a healthier shine/ better coat on the cows. We were delighted to see our milk yield go up 2 litres per cow.”

John and Jamie Carson

Collone, County Armagh