Mayo Healthcare are Based in Westport Co. Mayo

Specialists in Minerals and Controlled Release Trace Elements for Large Animals [...]

New Technology

Panatec is a novel, non antibiotic, platform technology developed in cooperation with the National University of Ireland. Mayo Healthcare have developed this new technology as a first generation feed supplement with a wide variety of beneficial uses in food producing animals [...]

Vet Services We Offer

We offer Veterinarians in practice, practical on farm demonstrations on how to approach Herd Health through understanding the nutritional requirments for Ruminants at specific growth stages aswell as rumen maintenace requirments [...]

Products > Calf Products

This product range from Mayo Healthcare includes Biolaze Protect, Biolaze Tablets, Oro-I, Oro-SE, Immu Calf Syringes and Calf Colostrum 

Oro I + Oro Se

Slow Release Iodine

Micro bolus to increase the success rates of Passive Immune Transfer in new born calves. Slow release micro element... [...]

Biolaze Protect

Anti-Scour Powder Based

Anti Scour. Unique enzyme system using Panatec technology to reduce the risk of E. Coli and Cryptosporidium scour in cal... [...]

Biolaze Tablets

For Scouring Calves. No Milk Withdrawal

Unique calf tablet using Panatec technology for scouring calves. Keep feeding calves milk while supplementing with biola... [...]

Immu Calf Syringes

Early Health Protection for Calves at rish of Scour

Early Health Protection for Calves at Risk of Scour. Feed immediately after calving to all unprotected and weak calves. ... [...]

Panatec Milk Additive

New feed additive for both bucket fed calves and calves fed milk replacer..

Reduce the risk of scour while allowing calves great intake of milk. Increase growth rates through increasing ... [...]


Novel enzyme additive which is soluble in milk to reduce the risk...

Novel enzyme additive which is soluble in milk to reduce the risk of coughing and chills in young calves. Feed dail... [...]

Calf Jackets

High Quality Breathable & Machine Washable Calf Jacket

For the control of body temperatures in young calves. [...]

Kao Pectade

Adsorbant Calf Drench

With concentrated kaolin and pectins for calves recuperating from scour. Feed 100 ml morning and evening for 2 days or u... [...]


Oral Dietic powder for calves with digestive upsets

Novel 6 way action, including: Energy Additive, Bicarbonates, Glycoproteins, Gelling Agent, Antioxidants and Electrolyte... [...]

Thrive Master Bovi

Energy, Trace Element, Vitamin and Mineral concentrated drench for young calves

Energy, Trace Element, Vitamin and Mineral concentrated drench for young calves. Especially indicated for cold and letha... [...]

Calf Colostrum

Premium Calf Colostrum with Appetite Enchancer

Premium Calf Colostrum with Appetite Enhancer OroStart. Easy Mixing. High IgG Colostrum. Benefical Bacteria. Energy Boos... [...]

Blast Off Drench

A super concentrated, high specification multi-vitamin and chelated trace element supplement to help maintain micronutri... [...]